Absolutely outstanding!

October 27, 2017

Liz Hance, All Island Appraisal, LLC, is absolutely outstanding!  From the get go, Liz was professional and quick to respond to anything our loan officer or bank needed.

The property we had Liz appraise was complex and unusual, but due to her knowledge of the San Juan area and ability to research and find comparable homes and make precise mathematical calculations, she was able to put together a clear, 38 page document that met the bank’s needs in determining value.

First, Liz is from the area of the San Juans. She knows Anacortes and all the islands, so she is very familiar with all the types of homes and land in the area, current and past.

Second, the comparable homes that Liz researched and presented in our appraisal were spot on.  Then, not only did she find the perfect comparables, but she showed in detailed pages of the appraisal how each house mathematically compared to the one we were looking at ourselves.  It was then extremely clear how she ended up calculating her opinion of value for the property we were buying.

Third, the 38 page appraisal was well organized with a clear table of contents, detailed research, maps, photos and mathematical calculations all enabling our bank to see a very clear picture of the property.  We could not have asked for more.

You need look no further if you need a professional appraisal that your bank will be able to read clearly.

We recommend Liz!